God’s Light Still Shines: an Easter Reflection.




This is the abiding image I shall take from Easter 2019.

Amidst all the busyness of sorting Easter eggs for the little ones, baking the cake, arranging the Easter ‘tree’, I look up to see this amazing image from the ruined interior of Notre Dame, Paris.

The message of Easter encapsulated : God’s light, love and mercy does not go out. It shines undimmed through the wreckage that surrounds us. A quiet hope burning forever bright.


Today is a bit special on the blog.
I’m doing something new and exciting! I’m handing my blog over to my very first blog ‘guest’.
And it’s extra special because that blog ‘guest’ is family.
The article below was posted by my son, Graham, Pastor at Lifespring Church, Wolverhampton, UK as part of his bi-monthly church family email, and I just love what he says about Jesus Himself embracing quietness, thereby endorsing the need to ‘build silence into our busy lives’. What greater validation can there be than that folks!

I won’t say any more, because he says it all here:


Welcome to the blog, Graham!


‘It’s the Wednesday before Good Friday. A day referred to as ‘the Silent Day’ by students of the Easter narrative. This is owing to the fact that the Gospels give us a detailed analysis of Jesus’s every move during passion week, yet they are altogether silent concerning His activity on Nisan 13. (Wednesday).

Where was Jesus? What was he doing?

Jesus knew the enormity of the task ahead of Him. He knew it would require all of His strength and ultimately exhaust all of His natural life. Everything has been building up to this moment.  All roads lead inexorably towards Calvary’s hill. With just a few days of His earthly mission remaining where do we find Him? Preaching to the lost? Healing the sick? Raising the dead? Remonstrating with the priests and Pharisees?

The record is silent.

This is no mere accident;  this isn’t just dead air in the Gospel record. The scriptures being God breathed, this radio silence is intended.  It has purpose, every bit as much as the activity recorded on the preceding and following days.

Jesus took time out!

In the most intense, busy and pressurised moment of His earthly existence …  He took a day to Himself.

Perhaps He spent time in prayer, walking out in the hills surrounding Bethany, steeling Himself in the Presence of His Father. Maybe He took some time to rest and enjoy some final moments with His friends who would soon be scattered at the Garden of Gethsemane.

Scripture tells us that God has a mighty purpose and call for every believer. It’s true! There is a call of God on your life. He has given us these ensouled bodies as the vessel through which He will achieve these purposes. God’s call on our life can lead us into intense seasons of activity, where we are challenged and put under pressure. We must look to Jesus as our example in these seasons. Are we brave enough to have a Silent Day?

Are we bold enough to go off-grid?

To get alone with God, away from the notifications, away from the emails, away from our work? Will we allow our soul to feast on God?

Will we allow our body a chance to rest?


Jesus did.


I pray we know the rest and comfort that is found in Christ, and that we would have the courage to build silence into our busy lives.’


Thank you to Graham for allowing me to share this, and wishing you all a blessed, and peaceful Holy Week.

His Light shines still.


Lynne xx